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Full Version: Using SMB to connect to my Mac Hard drive
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Windows sharing on my mac tell me that windows users can access my shared folders by browsing to:


I have not been able to get XBMC on my apple TV to access my mac at all.

Can someone describe step by step how I would do this?

I have tried for a few hours even after reading the online manual for XBMC and have had no success.
from mac os hints.... does this help?

Quote:This is an OLD thread but I was scratching my head over this one too. I finally figured it out. When adding a source, do not select SMB://. The shares from Leopard File Sharing (assuming you set up the Samba option correctly there), will not appear in browse mode.

Instead select Add Network Location and then use the SMB protocol and give your LAN IP in the address field, the name of the share folder (exactly obviously) in the folder field (not looking at it but I think that's what the field is named), and then your username/password. Leave the port as it is (0).
Assuming SMB is turned on, on the mac then in xbmc in 'Add Source' select 'windows network SMB' then workgroup then your mac should be there.

Make sure you have set folders up for sharing or there won't be anything to smb into
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