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Full Version: [WIP] WebKit HTML Layout Engine / Web Browser integration into XBMC - developers only
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Have made a start, nothing much to see yet but....


motd2k Wrote:Have made a start, nothing much to see yet but....


Nice! What are the project goals? Browser driving the skinning system (=integrated browser + Skin)? SWF Flash? ...
Oh snap. Didn't I just say [sarcastically] a couple of days ago that XBMC needed more JSON?
I guess this is specifically integrated for the GUI or is it integrated to give user web access?
is webkit already integrated in new XBMC versions? as shown in second demo
no. and allow me to quote the obvious;

Quote:XBMC Development Developers forums for XBMC related development. Programmers/Coders only!
No end-user support, no bug reports, and no feature/function requests here!
i very much like this! (mainly because it was a feature i thought of doing myself one day)
is there an svn version of XBMC that include webkit integration?
if not, does anyone know when il will be added??
miman, please post any requests or questions in a different thread. Spiff already answered you when he said no. This is a devs and coders only thread.
Excellent Work..

Where can I find more information about the WebKit you are using ?

Any plans for flash content ?

Are you planning to create it as a control to be used within xbmc ? ie html textctrl ...
Question: Was it the additional dependencies that took FF out of the running? I'm thinking that something like this would be aesthetically more integrative. But what the hey I aint an artist Cool I wonder if the skinners are rubbing their hands in glee right now to make landing pages...
I'm using a slightly modified version of awesomium which works cross platform (so what you see is basically chromium). Chromium still has some small issues with plugins on Linux but it's getting better and better with each day so I've no worries there.

Flash will work fine, have some nice ideas that I'm looking forward to puting in with regard to flash video (to accelerate it properly on Linux and eventually windows - job offers welcomed adobe).

Anyway I'm posting this from a muddy field camping in the rain in wales so will update when I'm able to code some more!
Any updates?
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