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Full Version: SMB question..
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I am sure this has been asked before... but I couldn't find where...

When I load up xbmc sometimes while my cpus have been idle for a certain amount of time, xbmc fails to find the workgroup... This is resolved by going to any computer and refreshing the my network places folder... Is there a way around this? Using latest tech on xbox, and 9.04.1 on a mini pc... Both have same issue...

You should post this in the xbox specific section, myabe better luck there.
Why the xbox section? I am having problems with the linux version and xbox version? That is why I figured I would put it in general Smile

I think you need to post a debug log when the problem occurs.
see my signature for help on that.
Ok, will do that when I get home... I just figured since I remembered seeing this topic before someone could have pushed me in the correct direction...