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Full Version: Using XBMC with WD MY BOOK WORLD 2 (NAS)
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When I'm trying access my NAS with the XBMC the app sends me the XBMC root folder.
How can I fix it?
Hi and welcome to the forums.

I suggest you use xbmc online manual to get started with xbmc.

see this link for your problem:

Mostly all regular info you will find in this manual.

Cheers !
I've already read this part before I posted my problem here.
I couldn't find any answer at the manual...
tzafrirs maybe if you could explain better exactly what you are trying to achive
we can better help you ?

Did you click the link i gave you - ? you need to add sources
if you want to enable Network resources to xbmc....

or i have no clue what you actually are trying to do in XBMC here...