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Full Version: Ideal folder/file structure for XBMC w/ scrapers?
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I have a 600gb HD that I want to devote entirely to my media collection (TV, music, film). Not sure what the best way to set the folders up are though. I have a good couple of hundred films to sort out, with a mixture of xvid dvdrip, xvid brrp and .mkvs at 720p.

Relevant points:

-I have a lot of more obscure/old films that I imagine won't have much in the way of fanart/posters so I'm planning on keeping an obscurities folder away from my main folder.

-I mostly download scene releases and my collection is them, as the come, extracted. Filenames, .nfos, etc.

Can't find this info on the wiki and can't see anybody who has posted theirs so I need pointing in the right direction.
- one folder per movie
- sane folder name's

is what i would have chosen