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Full Version: [Mac PPC] Crashes involving last.fm; also lost sources
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This was working yesterday for me but now I'm getting consistent crashes involving parts of last.fm.

Every time I try to play from "top artists" for my user, it crashes.

Here is the pastebin crash log.

This is reproducible.

After one crash, I lost all video/music/picture sources, which were restored to defaults.

My suspicion is that it involves the Rowmote helper daemon, which also supports last.fm (but the Mac last.fm application itself), and which I just installed to use with iPhone as remote. I do not have that last.fm app installed on that machine, and have therefore never run it. So this is a wild guess.

Note: the log says the path to XBMC is in a weird path, which it was, but I moved it to /Applications/ with the same result, just didn't get a new log. So the application path is not the issue.

Note 2 (edit): also I added XBMC to Application Enhancer's master exclude list (APE is sometimes known to cause crashes with apps). That did not resolve the crashing.

I removed the only 3rd party plugins I have (iPhoto & iTunes, which I wasn't using anyway) -- with the same result.

edit: Mac OS X 10.4.11 running XBMC 9.04.1 (repack) on PowerPC PowerBook G4 800 mhz.
got same crash on a different machine -- this one intel not PPC Mac -- with a different set of XBMC app support files, same last.fm user name.

seems repeatable:

1) add last.fm user name "top artists" as a source
2) then within one of those artists navigate and select "top albums"

--> crash