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Full Version: Only add music files of a certain file type to library?
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Just started playing with XBMC - and have a slightly odd issue.

I've ripped all of my CD collection to both Apple Lossless and 320k MP3. The Apple Lossless stuff is for replay through my HiFi (which I've done in Mac OSX using iTunes and an Airport Express until recently - using an iTunes smart playlist that filters on filetype to only include Apple Lossless), and the MP3 stuff is for my iPod (which syncs a playlist that only includes MP3)

I store a backup of my music library on an SMB share, and have added this to XBMC, however as every folder contains two copies of every track (ALAC and MP3) I have a Library in XBMC with two copies of every track, but I only want to play the lossless one in XBMC.

Is it possible to get XBMC to only add files of a given file-type to the library? Is it possible to remove files of a given file-type from the library?
I looked at XBMC Smart Playlists, in case that might help, but it doesn't let you filter on file-type only on content tags.

Advice gratefully received as ever.
Many thanks - I had searched through the manual - but hadn't thought of excluding a file type from scans. That will work for me sort of - though I may have to convert a few files I have just in MP3 format to M4A to get them into the library!

(I suspect that being able to chose between adding multiple files with the same pre-fix based on their suffix would be too much to hope for! That way XBMC could be set-up so that when it found two files with the same name but with different suffixes, it could decide which to add?)