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Full Version: Remote and SPDIF/Toslink not working.
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HuhAfter years en years I also replaced my old xbox.

I myself am a windows guy but I agree that Linux is the way to go in this case, I have no experience what so ever with Linux. So I wanted a system that would work out of the box with the live cd.

After a lot of reading I found that the Asus M3N78-xx boards with the gforce 8200 works well so I bought a M3N78-VM with HDMI out. 2 Gigs of ram, A old 4200 X2 AMD, 250 Gig HDD and a MS-Tech MC-400 with PSU and Remote.

Installed XBMC on the HDD and it booted perfectly. The screen was a bit jerky even the news ticker had a bit of a heard beat in it. A lot of fames dropt playing HD material. I changed the output resolution to 1080I and it works perfectly now, the LG tv still say’s 1080P Strange.

And now for the problems ;-)

The remote will not work. I took off the front panel and connected the clued in IR receiver to a USB port on my windows 7 machine. It found a HID device, after pressing power on the remote the system got to sleep (more like a coma, but it stil a beta ;-)) So I know the device is a standard Microsoft remote and it works. The USB ports on the mainboard work and I have a correct connection.

So why is it not working? The standard media center remote is build in to the live cd right ?

Problem 2

No SPDIF, this is probably my fault but I can’t find it in the forum or the wiki.

Audio output device : default

If I type HDMI it will send audio and works but only 2.0 stereo not DD and DTS

I expected by typing SPDIF it would send audio to onboard optical toslink but NO GO.

So If I want audio tru the toslink optical what is the correct syntax?

Pass through output device : iec958

In advance thank you for your patience,

Regards Sebastian,-
Lucky for you I have the exact same motherboard.

Seems alsa cant turn on the internal s/pdif jack (the one built in on the motherboard).

Solution to that is to either buy an external s/pdif and connect it to the pin-header available on the motherboard. I did that and in settings I have "spdif" for both devices.

Also remember to unmute IEC958 in alsamixer. And in bios you can leave External/Internal on in sound config.


For the remote, you should be able to see the device if you turn on the htpc (no ir-receiver connected) let it boot, plug in the receiver and type (in console or via ssh) dmesg

Then you should see it there or if you type lsusb

If it shows there, then try and run irw and press some buttons on the remote.. it should show codes there..

Make sure you have configured lirc correctly for the remote and receiver. If it is a xbox dvd remote and reciever, search the forum and look in a thread here for config. Other remotes, please see lirc homepage for configuration files.
Indeed lucky me ;-)

I found a Asus spdif back plate and connected it. It seems to work, de toslink connector is lit up, the onboard one is always dead.

Audio output device spdif
Passthrough spdif

But again cannot initialize audio device if I try to play something.

External/Internal in bios is on by default, i cannot find what its exactly for.

The remote is a standard media center remote or compatible , its acting strange, if I put it on the internal usb header in the post it say’s initializing usb controller for about 10 sec, if I put it on another usb header the system the post run’s normaly.
The HD video playback is broke again It played everything, and now it’s only dropping frames and the news tickers is jerky again. I reinstalled xbmc but I cannot get I right again. ;-(

But one thing at a time ;-)

Thank you for your picture.
have you upgraded Alsa to 1.0.20 ? http://ubuntuforums.org/showthread.php?p=6589810

unmuted iec958 (all of them) in alsamixer..

External is spdif, internal is hdmi Smile

for the broken 1080 playback .. have you installed cpufrequtils and set MIN_SPEED="1800" else the amd processsor steps down and memory follows and playback gets choppy.

for the remote, drop to a console (press ALT-F2 and login with user/password. do not plug in the reciever!

then in console plug the reciever in.. write dmesg and check for the detection of the reciever.. you can also try lsusb and see if you have an attached device.

Update : On the usb device

If I plug it in it says “unabel to enumerate usb device on port4”

LSUSB again

“Bus 004 device 007 ID 1130 : 6604 TENX TECHNOLOGY”

IRW command
Pressing buttons “^[[b^[[b “ Etc Etc
Update : on the Sound problem
I found the alsa mixer by typing alsamixer (damm I’am good) Sarcasm
It say’s “HDA NVidia chip generic 10de NVIDIA mcp78 HDMI “
The green squares are? Mute or not? Tis all green.
is there a hold or pause or break option? lot of info on the screen on dmesg. But there is some info.

Lirc_dev: ir remote controle drive registered, marjor 61
Lirc_mceusb2: Daniele melander <[email protected]>, martin blatter ]Matrin_a_blatter at yahoo.com
usb core registerd new interface driver lirc_mceusb2
Clocksource tsc unstable etc etc

About the playback no i have not, is this the reason it shows 1000MHz in the system info sometimes?
Sorry to ask you but how do you install cpufrequtils?

Alt F2 when i am in xbmc it self? nottings happens i always boot into save mode.
boot to safe mode is ok..

$ = in console.. the prompt Smile

for pausing stuff in console.. do command | more eg: dmesg | more then you can press space or enter to read it bit by bit.. press Q to quit it Smile

cpufrequtils: $ sudo apt-get install cpufrequtils
this is why it shows 1000mhz because when the cpu isn't used it steps down in speed and the memory follows.

in alsamixer: there should be a iec958 (i have three) those needs to be green, try going to the left with left arrow.
please also check version of alsa mixer.. should be on the top in alsamixer (caption) if you don't have 1.0.20 please update alsa with the link I gave you before.

Search the forums for MCE remote and lirc.. there are a few threads about it Smile seems like the usb reciever is found and working, must be either lirc or xbmcs keymap that is bugging.
That maybe a small step for you, but it’s a giant leap for me.

Ok I found out that some DOS commands work in Linux, so I moved the following files to a usb drive.

AlsaUpgrade-1.0.x-rev-1.17.tar (20.0 KB
ALSA-Configuration-1.0.20.tar (80.0 KB
HD-Audio-Models-1.0.20.tar (20.0 KB
alsa-info-1.0.20.tar (30.0 KB
uxchecker-1.05.tar (10.0 KB

In xbmc I moved them to the music folder.

I navigated to the music folder en did : tar xvf AlsaUpgrade-1.0.x-rev-1.17.tar

It extracted AlsaUpgrade-1.0.x-rev-1.17.sh
I did tar xvf uxchecker-1.05.sh
It extracted uxchecker-1.05.sh
It did “sudo ./AlsaUpgrade-1.0.x-rev-1.17.sh”

It gives me a help text and in the end I don’t know if it was doing something at all.

Pffff so now what ;-) Oke this all sounds stupid sorry it’s my first linux box
Do $ sudo ./AlsaUpgrade-1.0.x-rev-1.17.sh -di should do the trick..

Good to see, this way you are learning stuff Smile
I did the upgrade , after 10 a 15 minutes I get the command line back, not saying anything about a successful upgrade. Alsa mixer still says version 18 :-(

I’am reading the log file from the installer in de var/log dir, there is to much information to understand for me by in the end it say’s

“Checking for ALSA … configure: error: package requirements (alsa > = 1.0.11) were not met :
“No package “alsa” found”
“Alsa-plugins-1.0.20 configure failed”
ok, then alsa isnt even installed ..

$ sudo apt-get install alsa

or if it is

$ sudo apt-get install alsa-base

try that and then do the upgrade again.
$ sudo apt-get install alsa

Alsa-base is already the newest version.

This is becoming hopeless, if you boot the live cd do you have the same problemens? No audio with the 1.0.18 mixer? only 1 IEC958 device?

In the default live cd alsa mixter i have 1 digital device and its hdmi, the internal spdif devices are not there.. you have 3 of them.

I'am going to try a clean install en try to upgrade the mixer again.

Thanks for your patience and your help. Is there anything I can send you that wil give you some insides in whats going on in my box? I don't know how to copy log files to a xbmc directory like music yet so i can put it on a usb stick and post them yet.

Update, got ssh working so i can now copy paste stuff.

what linux distribution are you running ?

if its going to be a dedicated HTPC, i recommend you to follow this guide: http://wiki.xbmc.org/?title=XBMCbuntu
This is the Ubuntu 9.04 XBMC live cd.

Thats alot to digg in to for a beginner.

I looked at the tutorial but for now its way over my head without any help and I will need it with some steps. This was exactly what I was hoping to avoid by buying the correct hardware that would work out of the box. By the way it now looks this is already the end for this project until somebody update the live CD with the new alsa drivers and amd patch ;-(
Solution to this is to upgrade Alsa to 1.0.20. I know for sure, since I have the same motherboard in my HTPC and didn't get spdif working until after the upgrade.

Don't know why your alsa upgrade fails. Look and see if you can follow this approach: http://www.stchman.com/alsa_update.html and then update again after that. It installs 10.0.16 first.