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Full Version: Music Video NFO Scraper problems
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Was wondering if i was doing something wrong.
I got good results getting the info in the nfo:
example for Beck - Loser:
seems right
but the problem is the titles will not show up when choosing a artist (i just got blanks on everything

anybody any idea (I'm probably not the only one using this feature)

would be sweat to have this working

was looking for a better sub-forum to put this in but ended up putting it here
Do you get 'Blanks', or do you get '..', which if you click will take you to the songs: i.e.


I noticed that on my system. It looks like Music Videos are meant to be sorted under an album. I haven't tried adding album or anything to the nfo.
Music Video -> Artist -> "Beck" -> empty

So i can navigate but the directory is empty.
Does give a nice thumb for some of the artists

thnx for the fast reply b.t.w.
Never mind, should have searched a bit harder.