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Full Version: Some XBMC issues
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ASRock Ion 330.
I have a full Ubuntu install and XBMC for Linux on top of that.
However I have some problems:
I have a windows computer in a bedroom with sharing set up and I want to play movies in XBMC.
I have the network set up correctly, ie I can see all the files in XBMC, and I can play them, however I can only play approx 10secs of the files, then "buffering" comes up in the top right of the XBMC screen, gets to 100% and then just stops. It doesn't continue playing and also my wireless connection drops.
The wireless router is in the same room so it always has 95-100% signal.
I have not got an ethernet cable long enough to reach across the room to test like that, and it isn't a long term solution either.

Secondly, some files that I play go in Fast Forward, and the voices are also faster than usual. This could be the way the files are encoded? They are avi files. The rewind/play buttons dont help anything.

Thirdly as an aside, some videos which play perfectly in XBMC(from a usb stick) have no sound when played in VLC.

post a Debug Log please.. read my signature