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Full Version: XBMC Remote up/down buttons instead control volume
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Reporting it here because I'm using the svn ppa of XBMC, and while this used to work as expected, it now doesn't, and it might have been a change in recent svn versions. OTOH the only recent change to the XBMC Remote was to confirm iPhone OS 3.0 compatibility.

But using the iPhone XBMC Remote app to control it, when either navigating DVD menus or the OSD controls using the Remote section of the app, the UP and DOWN buttons instead control volume rather than going up and down in the DVD/OSD navigation. This is a particular problem because on the OSD you can't access most of the options. DVD navigation is OK(ish) because RIGHT/LEFT still work to advance between DVD menu items.

UP/DOWN works fine in the main XBMC menus/user interface.

There are separate controls for *volume* up and down which work as advertised; these aren't them. Smile

The xbmc version in question is 9.04.2+svn21891-jaunty1
so ignore me :-) Not even a bug, they did it deliberately, teh fools. Complaints to be addressed to them.

More than that they seem to be aware and have submitted a fix to Apple: http://getsatisfaction.com/collect3/topi...ing_videos