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Full Version: Is this kind of scraping possible?
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I want to scare IMDB for all details, amazon or DVDEmpire for DVD image and Sratim for hebrew title.

Can I make such a scraper?
Is there some field I can put the hebrew trnaslated title in the DB somewhere and then show it on XBMC info page?

before anyone else catches and chastises you on this, the proper spelling is scraping (pronounced SCRAPE - ING) and yes that kind of scraping is possible. though i myself haven't actually written any scrapers along those lines.

I know that there is a feature for scrapers coming soon that will allow scrapers to use common features by specifying <includes>. however it is still possible through the current state of scrapers, as long as you write functions to do so.
Is there any ready made scraper that does something similar so I can learn from it?
there are scrapers that use several sources, for instance PtGate uses Imdb, Imdb uses Themovieposterdb & tmdb.org... most of your main scrapers use multiple sources
Thanks, Ill check them out.