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Full Version: ScraperXML Help
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I'm trying to figure out how to user ScraperXML app but fail at putting info in $$1.
From what I understand $$1 needs to hold the name of the movie taken from the file name.
In ScraperXML I have an option to fill $$1 from a url.
Suppoed I want to put "caddyshack" in $$1, what exactly do I need to do? What url should I put in the edit box?
click the set buffers checkbox
change the buffer watch to 1 (with the numeric up/down control on the left)
type in caddyshack and press set - if the title has more than one word in it make sure you press url encode before set

then turn off set buffers for safety sake

also make sure you get the newest version from http://www.sourceforge.net/projects/scraperxml
direct link http://sourceforge.net/projects/scraperx...r/download
I would suppose you're talking about the editor and not the dll (and its test program)