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Full Version: XBMC hangs when returning from Movies (library) view
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When returning from the Movie view (library mode) XBMC hangs and consumes 60-80% CPU. It is not skin related, happens for both the Transparency! and PM3 skin.

This is a Debug Log from start to hang and then kill -SIGKILL <PID> on xbmc.bin from another terminal: http://pastebin.com/m22d574eb

Also, this is the output from the command top just before the kill command was issued: http://pastebin.com/m4cea7de4

OS: Ubuntu Jaunty 9.04 (i686)
XBMC: 9.04.2+svn21923-jaunty1

To reproduce:
1) Scan some movies into db
2) Switch to library mode
3) Go to Movies
4) Press ESC to return to main menu => hang

Anyone have any idea what's going on?

Long shot: if I look inside the .xbmc/temp directory there's a .mkv movie file there from one of my movies in the Movie library. If I watch it with totem, I can view the beginning, but it's probably not copied to temp in full, so i can't watch the whole movie. Could it be XBMC trying to copy this file from my Movie folder to .xbmc/temp that makes it "hang"?

Thanks in advance!
Turns out my long shot is correct. If I reproduce the "hang" and then switch to another terminal and do ls in the .xbmc/temp directory I can see the file size on the .mkv movie file increasing.

Question now is why XBMC copies one of my movies to the temp directory when I try to return to the main menu!? Wink
It's related to media flagging, if I disable "Extract metadata ..." it runs as smooth as ever.
The files in question are in compressed RARs we have to extract them to read the media. Solution would be not to compress your media, it's utterly useless. Automatic flattening of compressed archives shouldn't be occurring anymore, so the files in question will only be flagged during playback.
Ok, I understand it's useless to compress them (I sure didn't do it).

But my guess is this will happen for more people, and it's not easy to see why XBMC suddenly hangs. Maybe you could add a check, if the RARs are compressed just don't get metadata from them?

Also, in earlier SVN versions, if I unchecked "Extract metadata from movie" it never hung. It still got the flags when movie was played, as you said though. In the newer SVNs it does not matter what I set the "Extract metadata from movie" setting to...