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Full Version: Proper 720p signal? How - Custom resolutions?
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For some reason my TV's picture options are greyed out when HZ/Resolution/signal isn't exactly correct. When using my DVD player i have all those options enabled in the tv (giving better color, picture etc) but in XBMC Live i don't have these options. I'm thinking it's either the HZ that is wrong or the resolution.

Weird thing is, i can't get the part of what exact resolution 720p really is. Some say its 1366x768 , but that can't be true, it should be 1280x720? When i choose this resolution i can only choose between 51,52,53 hz which is very strange hz's indeed, not 50 and not 60.

On my old xbox i could pick resolution [email protected] hz and picture was very nice.

How can i make custom resolutions to get a proper 720p signal with my xbmc live?
Solved the resoloutions issue with this : http://forum.xbmc.org/showpost.php?p=349...stcount=11

however, my tv's options are still greyed out, i'm guessing xbmc isn't sending the proper 720p signal to make these options pop up?

Any clues?

TV is a 50" LGPG6000
Okey i think i've found the issue, the true native resolution of this tv is 1366x768, i don't have this resolution in my screen options. I though making custom resolutions would be well documented and easy to find but i was wrong, i seriously can't find anything about it! Am i failing hard at google/search? Smile

Need some help setting this resolution up!
Ah the old 1366x768. You should check out my fred.
sisyphus Wrote:Ah the old 1366x768. You should check out my fred.

I just replied to your thread, oh my, i'm in huge trouble it seems, since you can't solve it either Sad Damnit!