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Full Version: Help - i'm stuck in my XBMC Session - unable to logout
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Hi, fairly new at using XBMC and Linux in general so please bare with me Smile

I've installed a full Ubuntu desktop and XBMC (using the mediastream skin) following some of the guides here. Everything works fine!

I wanted to have my system auto run XBMC when I start so I followed the guides and logged out, pressed F10 then selected the XBMC session - this all worked fine.

What I'm trying to do now is get back to my normal desktop session to run things like firefox, transmission etc but I can't get out of the XBMC session?

I've done some searching on the forums and people are saying if you select shutdown it should return you to the login window but mine simply shuts down the machine completely. Everything I've tried will always return me to the XBMC session and I can't see a way of getting back to my desktop?

Again fairly new at all this so if you do know how to fix it could you give me the step by step answer Smile Cheers.
You need to exit xbmc, not shutdown. If you press s on keybord it should bring up the shutdown menu (select exit). If not try switching back to the standard skin and try again.
Perfect - thanks!

It was a skin issue - the mediastream skin didn't have the exit option, only shutdown. Do you know if you can edit what buttons on the 's' menu do? Having the option to both shutdown and exit would be very useful, and after going through all of the skins I really prefer using the mediastream one.
I am not sure. Or, of course you can make your own version of the skin. But I don't know if there is an easy way.
I haven't looked into the menus and key mapping yet. I would like to change the power button to bring up the shutdown meny myself.

If nobody can help, you should investigate if you can map one of the keys on the remote to the exit action. Should be more simple than edit the menus?

Quote: <control type="button" id="13">
<description>Exit xbmc</description>
<label>$LOCALIZE[13012] XBMC</label>
I have not verified that this is the shutdown menu, but it looks like it is possible to find and edit the different menus.
Ah that looks very promising - thanks. Have just looked and the MediaSteam config file doesn't have the exit button config so looks like its the right place.

I'll try simply overriding one of the other buttons, probably system info with the exit command and see if that works.

Quote:I'll try simply overriding one of the other buttons, probably system info with the exit command and see if that works.

Yes, that is a very good idea..don't change too much at the time...
Just tried and and works a treat! Thanks for all your help!
good to know!
It also seem easy to remap the the power button to bring up the shutdown menu. I will try that later.
You might try Jezz_X's MediaStream_Redux. It has all the looks AND it's usable. Wink