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Full Version: Windows 7 movie in homescreen CPU 50-60%
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Windows 7 Build 7600, XBMC Rev22072, PM3.HD 1680x1050 @ 59.94Hz (Full Screen)

Motherboard: Asus P5E-VM HDMI with onboard NVIDIA GeForce 9300/nForce 730i, NVIDIA Driver 186.35, CPU: Core 2 Duo E8400 2*3,00 GHz, RAM 2,00 GB

Its a HTPC, only driver and XBMC is installed.

The CPU usage was decrease to ca. 7% in the homescreen by changing following settings
XBMC: VSync Off
NVIDIA Control Panel:VSync Off, Thread Optimizing Off

A 1:1 ripped DVD use in the fullscreen max 7%-10%, if I change the view to play the same 1:1 ripped DVD in the homescreen the CPU usage increase to 50%-60%.If the movie is paused in the homscreen the CPU usage decrease back to max. 7%.

Debug Log
disable thread optimization in the nvidia control panel. Is a well know old issue.
In the main topic you can read that it disable

Quote:The CPU usage was decrease to ca. 7% in the homescreen by changing following settings
XBMC: VSync Off
NVIDIA Control Panel:VSync Off, Thread Optimizing Off

It works fine to reduce the CPU usage from 98% to 7%

But if a video play in the homescreen the CPU usage is over 50%
What do you expect?
Just playing the video: XBMC renders the film with 25-29fps.
Playing in home screen: XBMC has to decode the video and to render the gui with 60-100fps (depending on vsync)
It's possible that I have a wrong understanding of the situation.

If the movie run in fullscreen or in the minimal screen from the settings with max 10% CPU usage, I expect the same behavior in the mainscreen.
Please elaborate... Main screen = home screen?

So, you are saying that if you are in the HOME part of the GUI while the movie is playing minimized, you see the issue?
If you see a gui it needs to be rendered or do you think it's just a picture? Laugh
Main Screen or HomeScreen ist the screen where is on the left side Video, Music, Picture, Weather, Scripts and Settings on PM3.HD.

If I view a movie, via the display key and escape key you can show the running video in the field of the right side of the Main Screen.
Ok, I hope I understand you correct. My english is very bad.

If I show the movie in the Main Screen of XBMC (it shows FPS 92,2 and CPU 53.5)
If I show the movie in Fullscreen (no GUI is showing of XBMC) (FPS 50,0 CPU 5,5)
If I in the settings dialog of xbmc the movie is show in the left lower corner (FPS 100.0 and CPU 12,1). Their is also a GUI showing as in the Main Screen.

So my missunderstanding is why is the CPU usage so high if a movie play in the Main Screen (10* higher at in fullscreen) and only (2* higher) if the movie show in the settings dialog.
You really need to use vsync.
I will try vsync again no problem, but before I switch off vsync I have generally a very high CPU usage.

But it's possible that my vsync settings was wrong.

For my understandig I can vsync enable in the xbmx and also in the nvidia control center. Should both enable??
It really should not matter... I would make sure it is enabled in XBMC.
If I only enabled in XBMC, the CPU usage is higher from 10% to 40%
Wish I could help, but I don't have Windows.

Maybe somebody else will chime in.
I make some screenshots but I don't know how can I add pictures to the post.

Can someone please tell me a free hoster where it is possible to upload jpg
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