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Full Version: Bd5 avchd
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My case;
Point of View 330 Ion MB, everything working as it should be, music playing fine, DVD's fine, DVD iso's fine.
BUT when I try to load a BD5 AVCHD ISO (Bluray disc converted to DVD format) It does not load it up. No error, nothing. Then, HD movies still have no sound whilst music and DVD's are playing fine (tried downmixing to stereo etc). Last thing, navigation sounds don't work as everytime music starts it takes about 2 seconds for music and sounds to start.
Weirdest thing is that when I load a XBMC live CD everything works fine! I installed Ubuntu with XBMC seperately.
excuse me for the typo's.
Please read the sticky about reporting a problem in a useful manner
yes, I have the same issue, but thought it was by design. Will see if I still have the BD ISO and will post the log
not sure if it's the same issue, but I had a similar iso (i think) that wouldn't play when i tried the iso file itself. I mounted the iso, and then was able to browse its directory structure to get to a m2ts file I was able to play. i think mine was in /BDMV/STREAM .

search on ubuntu forums if you need to know how to mount an iso, i don't recall the exact syntax