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Full Version: xbmc gone after second wake-up
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i'm using an ion-zotac-330 MB.
full ubuntu-desktop installation.
fullscreen xbmc + xbmc-wiiremote are in autostart.

... and i have some "hibernating" problems

first power on:
everything starts as it should.

go to hibernate:
no problem.

first wake from hibernate:
evreything is back and working again

go to hibernate:
no problem

secondwake from hibernate:
xbmc is gone. just the ubuntu desktop is available.

any ideas/hints on this?
Please see the thread regarding posting problems in a useful manner. Hibernate/suspend are pretty hit and miss on Linux anyway. I can however tell you on my zotac ionitx-b I can suspend/resume all day, not sure if I've ever tried to hibernate, 2-4W really isn't worth the trouble IMO.
You could also try XBMC Live it's a more clean and cut dry release of ubuntu that might give you different results.