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Full Version: Audio cracks randomly/quickly during video playback.
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System Info:
-Jaunty x86 fully updated (sorry I don't know how to give the revision of this)
-XBMC 9.04.2+svn22097-jaunty1 PPA installed.
-I'm using SPDIF out with the default settings.

I'm encountering an issue with audio during all video playback. My main format used is MKV containers with AC-3 audio. The problem I have is fairly often (from ever 10 minutes to every 1 minute). The audio basically just cracks/goes out for a second then resumes normally.

I'd be happy to grab a log if needed. I was thinking a good way to possibly mark the spot is a few seconds after it cracks pause the video and exit xbmc.

Thanks for reading, any helps is good help.

Edit: Note video playback is not interrupted during the audio crack. I also just realized it happens with MP3/music playback.

Quick random question how do I rename or remove music artist from my library? I have two Bjorks for example. One is 'Clarence "Gatemouth" Brown' and another will be 'Clarence Gatemouth Brown' it doesn't show up in my itunes library like that though?
A debug log is definately necessary. Just start xbmc, start a video - reproduce the audio cracks and stop xbmc - and then post the debug log.
Thanks for the quick response, here's a xbmc.log I stopped a few seconds after a cutout.
Can you please make a new log with the default skin? AEON spews crap to the log.
@althekiller: Yeah I noticed that also. I'll make a new one with project mahem when I get a moment. FYI it looks like the media playing starts at line 750 and on.
I had similar problems with a jaunty install that was using pulseaudio. have you disabled pulse and using also only?
I haven't disabled pulseaudio as far as I know actually. In the sound preferances I believe it's set to ALSA digital? How did you disable pulseaudio?

rrambo Wrote:I had similar problems with a jaunty install that was using pulseaudio. have you disabled pulse and using also only?

ADDED: Does this sound like a good idea...edit:I think I'm going to answer my own question here and say that that method only works on Hardy.

This method seems more direct to removing pulseaudio on Jaunty:
The only problem is I can totally see this botching my audio all together.
I followed idyllictux tut and it fixed a bunch of things but not the one with xbmc. Here's a updated pastebin while using the pm skin.

Looking at your log - i noticed the two following lines

720.18:40:09 T:2833513360 M:1815105536 WARNING: CALSADirectSound::GetSpace - get space failed. err: -32 (Broken pipe)
721.18:40:09 T:2833513360 M:1815105536 DEBUG: CDVDPlayerAudio:: Discontinuty - was:1431123800.576507, should be:1431254170.069362, error:130369.492855

I have a similar problem with a Zotec ION motherboard -- the passthrough audio (AC3/DTS) is cracking / dropping all the time when running ANY AC3/DTS video on the Toslink/Digital out (cannot check the HDMI - don't have a converter to do HDMI to Toslink/SPDIF).

I tried everything I could think of (stable build VS. latest SVN / clean install / no pulseaudio...) w/o success.

The only 'solution' I found was to disable the on-board audio to have a cheap C-Media USB audio soundcard that offers Toslink output. Now the audio is working fine - but I got the feeling the video is not 'as smooth' as before....