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Full Version: [LIVE] Problem with Audio and Video on G45
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Hello on everybody ,i am new in the this Forum and i have problem with my G45 and intel x4500hd on LIVE distribution Blush Please help to me Nod

my problems is:

1. i play on my TV via HDMI but no audio ,and i read in the forum and only one post i found end try.

On the settings->system->audio hardware and switch over to digital audio mode
and Audio output device = hdmi
Passthrough output device = hdmi

but nothing Blush only message "Failure to initialize audio device"

2. how to play on my TV 1080p @ 24hz ,in options is only 50,60hz
i read in forum and find one file "xorg.conf" but where is in LIVE distribution ?

Sorry for my bad english ,and very need to your help Big Grin
Welcome to the forums.

On the audio topic I have a G45 and it works beutifully but you need a newer audio driver for HDMI audio to work, which is far from trivial to install. It's not extremely hard either but you need to do some dirty work in the terminal.
If this scares you next release will / should sport G45 support or Windows is another option for now.

You need to install linux headers build-essentials and install alsa, try google or search ubuntu forums on how to upgrade alsa to a newer version (1.0.19 and beyond should suffice).

Thanks very much for a replays ,but stay problem for my TV LCD ,my TV in 1080p support only 24hz ,in XBMC exist 50,60hz
how to config this ?