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Full Version: Revo's Now Available in Canada!
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NCIX listed them this weekend and show several dozen in stock. These are R3600 units with the following specs.

- Intel Atom N330 1600 MHz Processor
- 160 GB Serial ATA II HDD
- NVIDIA ION Graphics Chipset with (VGA D-sub) and HDMI
- Wireless 802.11b/g, Ethernet LAN 10/100
- 6x USB2.0 Ports, eSATA, Microphone Jack, Headphone Jack

Of note, these are verified to be N330 dual core units.

$399 CDN.

A friend ordered one last night which I'll be configuring XBMC for him. I'll update on shipping time.
suggest keeping an eye on http://www.directcanada.com. They draw from the same warehouses as NCIX and almost always are cheaper than NCIX. Also they have free shipping over $300. Didn`t see it on their site yet, but if its on NCIX it should show up there sometime.