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Full Version: "MCE" skin. Port of the default Media Portal skin.
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1.1.0 is out and i have changed the name of the skin to "mediaportalx."
yeah, crappy name i know, but i needed something that wasn't mce and i couldn't think of anything. :p

thanks for all of the help and suggestions so far.
i will try to keep the skin updated with cvs changes in the future, but i can't guarantee that it will always be current. :p


mediaportalx 1.1.1 (for xbmc 1.1.0):

updated versions (currently xbmc cvs 11-16-04):

source image files and the current working version of the skin are available in the xbmc skinning project cvs.

(pin87a @ sep. 05 2004,03:40 Wrote:with the original author's permission (and his excellent textures) i have started working on a port of the default media portal skin.

it's a familiar layout, but this time all of the images are legal. Smile
looks great Smile

nice to see something going mediaportal -> mediacenter
thanks a lot, i really was in need for good working skins for the latest builds, this i a perfect one among them. i hope more of the media portal skins will follow!
hey - i tried this skin w/the 9/3/04 build but xbmc can't handle it and crashes - should it work w/this build??

anyone else find it extremely annoying that when new xbmc builds are released some skins actually crash your xbox from booting into xbmc?!... argh... not to mention that projectmayhem skin is retarded compared to the original mediacenter - or this one! (mce) Smile

i've got to learn how to skin so i dont have to spend the wee hours of the night just gettnig my xbox booting again every time i upgrade the build!! argh... its getting ridiculous!

--> sorry - one more thing, i noticed that even the project mayhem skin included in the 9/3/04 build doesn't work!... the screen isn't black - i do actually see the projmay interface, but no buttons are on the screen!?.. just the title graphics...

(btw, i don't take xbmc for granted - it's an amazing app for sure... just gets frustrating sometimes)
has it occured to you that maybe you are the one at fault?

i strongly suggest you make sure you have uploaded everything to your xbox correctly, cause if it doesn't work for you, yet works for others, i'd suggest the fault is at your end.

also, the xbmc team do not (and have never) released any builds. we have no control whatsoever of the people who do so. we also have no control about who puts skins out.

all we can hope to do is to catch the possible errors that people can make. with a user base like we have, that is nigh on impossible - we do the best we can. you are more than welcome to help fix the issue - this is an open source project, afterall.

also, note that holding down start and back on startup causes xbmc to revert to default settings which, assuming you have uploaded everything correctly, and the build is sound, will result in xbmc running perfectly.
sorry - i should have said that - i totally could be the problem... just seems weird i have to worry about what skin versions i have in my xbmc folder when i update builds - i guess, as you said, open source projects just have these kind of quirks ...

i'll use your boot up button trick though in the future - thanks for that tip Smile (something i'm sure i could have learned if i read the docs hmm: )

phr0... :
the reason the skins don't work any more is that lots + lots of stuff is added regularly which effect the skins. the skins must be updated to reflect this, otherwise they simply won't work. sometimes they'll work for some things and not others, sometimes they simply won't work at all - it depends on what has been updated. it just so happens that quite a few of the recent updates have caused quite a few really old skins (ie 2-3 months old) to break for good. nothing much we can do about it.

we as a team do not have time to update more than 1 skin, so we only update the pm skin. all others are left to other folk to update.

we try to make sure any updates will not cause complete breakages of old skins, but it is practically impossible to keep track of everything when things change as frequently as xbmc.
a great! skin!!! keep up the good work, and i hope this becomes the default skin (i just find pm too dark no offense Wink )
(eagle55 @ sep. 05 2004,16:34 Wrote:and i hope this becomes the default skin (i just find pm too dark no offense Wink )
i agree! also no offence, pm works great too....
jmarshall - thanks for your replies...
i'm sure i'm wandering off topic at this point - but anyway....

i've tried fresh installs/loads of the 9/3/04 cvs and you're right - the pm skin is all that's left and xbmc defaults to it now. unfortunately, once xbmc does load, as i mentioned earlier, all i see is the:
- pm background,
- pm title graphic
- and two buttons (look like the power and dashboard buttons?) in the lower right corner.

the gamepad and dvd remote don't work at all and my xbmc log file has no errors reported in it. my xbox dash is setup for 16x9 and i'm an ntsc user as well (i noted that the pm skin.xml has pal16x9 as default)...

in any case - i very much appreciate all the hard work you guys pour into the project so i'm not complaining at this point - just unofficially reporting a 9/3/04 cvs build skin problem i guess....(or else i've got a bad cvs build)...

- phr0
hey - eagle55 and t029248 -

let me know:

- what cvs build you're using
- what kind of tv you're using (ntsc/pal)
- widescreen or not?
- most importantly - is mce working for you on a 9/3/04 cvs build?
(phr0zen @ sep. 05 2004,16:38 Wrote:in any case - i very much appreciate all the hard work you guys pour into the project so i'm not complaining at this point - just unofficially reporting a 9/3/04 cvs build skin problem i guess....(or else i've got a bad cvs build)...
9/3/04 cvs works fine here, try a fresh install delete all your xbmc temp file's also under /e:/tdata/0face008/ and check your source..

i don't think this is problem with the build!

mce is working for me on the 9/3/04 build / pal ntsc combo 16:9tv
if you see buttons, but no text, perhaps you are missing the strings.xml for your language (and the english strings.xml)
thanks for the suggestions/etc so far, guys...

i do have the english strings.xml and have cleared my tdata settings folder a bunch of times while using fresh installs of the 9/3/04 xbmc cvs.... not sure what i've screwed up but since everyone else is partying down w/the latest build except me, i'll assume the problem is me...

if i figure it out i'll post a reply but i have to take a break - about to jump out my window over this.... =/ (i really don't want to go back to an evox boot dash... *ick*)...
the reason xbmc is crashing is because we added new screens to the skin. since you have an old skin it fails opening the xml file and hangs. this is a temporary situation which will end once we finish the hard work of moving as many settings as possible to the gui.

since you are complaining about interim builds i would strongly suggest that you go back to xbmc 1.0 and wait until an official 1.1 is out.

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