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Full Version: Help, with remote and video card
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I am new to setting up XBMC for Linux.
I have a pc with that I will be installing ubuntu. I have a SIIG Vista MCE remote. My hope is that I can use this remote with the newest CVS driver from LIRC. I also have an ATI 4670 video card.

My questions are as follows:
Can I use this remote? and what steps are needed to compile and install the drivers, and xbmc to see the commands from the remote?
what driver is needed to use the ATI card/the cards HDMI port? Should I use the default driver or should I use the ATI proprietary driver?

when I run lsusb the IR receiver for the remote shows up as:
Bus 003 Device 003: ID 147a:e017 Formosa Industrial Computing, Inc.

Any help you can give me would be appreciated.
I suggest you try XBMC Live first, it is a "painless" experience since there is no installation involved. Then you'll know what works and what doesn't... Your remote may work without any configuration, many MCE compatible remotes do.