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Full Version: XBMC Live 9.04 menu background pre-cache?
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I have found that there is an aggravating initial delay when navigating the main XBMC menus, as if the system won't cache the various menu background images until requested.

You get a stutter/delay when initially navigating the menu choices. This seems a bit pointless when they could be easily pre-cached, based on available RAM.

Subsequent navigation is perfectly smooth once each menu has been highlighted.

Is there a setting to allow the application to be more aggressive with RAM usage on start-up?

FYI, the platform is an Athlon 3200, 2GB RAM with an Nvidia 8800GT and VDPAU enabled.

As an additional note, it would probably be fairly transparent to those using a remote, as sequential selection is nowhere near as response-sensitive as a mouse movement, where the pointer movement halts while the image loads (or whatever it's doing!).