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Full Version: [Suggestion] Little bit larger or more clear controls
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as a suggestion, can the controls that are shown in the OSD when watching a movie/video be adjusted a bit? (pause, start, stop, ff, rew etc)

- They are a bit small compared to the rest of the OSD
- Can the 'current selection' be highlighted a bit more clear then 'just' the blue highlighted outline

As an example, whenever I call up the OSD, I have to move closer to the TV set to be able to see exactly which is highlighted, while the rest I can navigate from the same distance. no, no, my eyes are good ;-)

Anyway, as said, a suggestion.

as you know, i already redid the entire osd:

so i don't really understand your request ?

or maybe it wasn't that clear it was the new osd....
I can not judge on what is not released yet ;-) But you are right, it should have caught my attention before posting. Looks good!