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Full Version: cannot edit files with winscp
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this is my first post as a linux noob...
I figured out already most things myself, but i have a problem i can't solve now.
I have a xbmc live installation to harddisk (usb harddisk) on a ion system. Managed also tu update nvidia drivers and upgraded to latest svn. Now i need to edit menu.lst to mount my internal HD (not the usb one) where my movies are. I use winscp latest beta version, i get access and can browse my files. I find menu.lst located in /boot/grub and i can edit it. (remove 'nodiskmount') but i am not able to save the edited file. i get an error when trying to save or remove files. Also when trying to alter properties of the file to 0777 i get an error message. Seems that i don't have rights to do so?
boot into safemode

type sudo nano /boot/grub/menu.lst
CTRL-O to save
CTRL-X to exit

Or get putty.exe and connect with SSH
Probably not a good idea to start changing the security of important system files like that.

What I do is enable the root user:
sudo passwd root

Then log in with winscp as the root user and make any edits that i need to. I only log in as root when i need to edit a file outside of my home directory.

The most secure way is probably to just edit the file using nano:
sudo nano /boot/grub/menu.lst

Press Ctrl-X when you're done and hit Y to save. Nano can be a bit of a pain though, especially for someone accustomed to Windows.
hey thanks it worked! i used putty before with succes to get to latest svn and stuff, so i used it to edit menu.lst also. strange that it didn't work with winscp...i am using the same login and password...weird. Anyway thanks again for the tip!
You were probably using the "sudo" command when in putty. That lets you do pretty much anything you want.
Quote: am using the same login and password...weird
sudo means that you execute that line with full access
vikjon0 Wrote:sudo means that you execute that line with full access

Ok i see... And isn't there a way to edit these files in winscp? Because it would be a little easier when trying to find and edit files, with the browser...
Quote:And isn't there a way to edit these files in winscp?
You could log on as root, but that is not recommended in ubuntu for security reason.

If you boot to safe mode and type startx you will enter a graphical interface.
It is a bit limited and you need to righ-click on the background to get the menu and you need to install the tools you need.

You could quickly replace it with a gnome-desktop:
sudo apt-get install gnome-core

It is also possible to connect remotly to the GUI while xbmc is running on the TV

Ah, if it is live you need to enable the ubuntu sources. Since you have upgraded to SVN you have already edit this file and I don't know how it looks.
On a fresh live this should do it:

Quote:sudo nano /etc/apt/sources.list
- you should see one line starting with #
-remove the # to enable the source
-CTRL o to write the file to disk
-CTRL x to exit nano

sudo apt-get update
sudo apt-get install gnome-core
glenner05 Wrote:Ok i see... And isn't there a way to edit these files in winscp? Because it would be a little easier when trying to find and edit files, with the browser...

Frankly, I would just do what I suggested earlier and enable the root user. I know it's a bit of a security risk, but it shouldn't be a big deal if you give it a pretty strong password. Just keep the risk in mind and don't complain to anyone if somebody hacks into your network.

In my opinion, if you've got windows machines on your network, the Ubuntu machine is going to be the most secure machine on your network, even with the root account enabled.
sudo -s

do what it is you're going to do


allright guys! thanks for the quick replies! for now i edited all the files i needed to with putty and the sudo nano commands... now my internal hd mounts like it's supposed to do and my refresh rate changes correctly! i always used windows and mediaportal, but this works so much better! no more messing around with codecs and stuff. and i'm learning linux also!!
Good to see you got it figured out. I'm a MediaPortal convert too. MediaPortal does some really cool stuff (if you install the right plug-ins) but XBMC on Ubuntu is so much better once you get used to using Ubuntu.