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Full Version: Fullscreen to Windowed to Fullscreen Problems
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I'm on Ubuntu 9.04 with XBMC from the SVN PPA, but this issue has been occurring for a while.

My XBMC starts in fullscreen. If I hit \ to go to windowed mode, it works alright. But if I hit \ again to go to fullscreen, it only occupies a top-left fourth of the screen.

But, after this....if I'm in the main screen and switch to a different item, it will restore. But, if I'm playing a video or I'm in any other screen, it doesn't seem to ever fix itself.

I'm using Aeon, but I've had the same issue with PM3.HD. Has anyone else experienced similar problems? I tried searching, but couldn't find anything.
Very interesting. Debug log please. I believe other users have experienced similar behavior.

See this post for more info: Sticky: [LINUX] HOW-TO post about a problem in a useful manner