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Full Version: Media Info in FILE view
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I was wondering - when I use FILE view - HIGH LIST - on the lower right corner all of the movie/rating/plot info just says N/A.

If I set to LIBRARY mode - everything shows up.

Is there a way to have the info show up correctly when in FILE mode?
nope, you can press "Info" for all scraped informations though

How about this.

Can anyone tell me what file to edit - and how to edit it to remove the circled area in this picture? thanks!

OK, here it is open (with notebook) ViewsCommon.xml (see: MiniMeedia / 720p)Big Grin
And add to:
Ln 1994, Col 49
Ln 2040, Col 81
Ln 2071, Col 53
Ln 2116, Col 55


Example: (line 1994, Colum 49)
PHP Code:
<control type="group">

This is only for movies.Wink
For : TV shows.
Do the same to:
Ln 2009, Col 50
Ln 2023, Col 51
Ln 2054, Col 50
Ln 2099, Col 55

Btw, I do also think it should be hidden in videos, better than the N/A.Big Grin

Exactly what I was looking for and only took 2 mins to do. Plus it helped me to start getting the hang of what to look for!
Just wanted to say thanks for asking (and answering) this question!

I really like this skin and wanted to do a little tweaking for a few small things like that too!

Thanks thanks!
I was wondering the exact same thing as McGilli ... is there a skin that will show the info from tvshow.nfo files inside file mode? (outside of library mode). Or is this something that isnt possible within a skin? (agian outside of library data)
That info is only available in the Library.

File view is exactly that - a list of files.

If you've got NFO files why aren't you using the Library?
Ive found anime and the library dont always mix to easyly
While the tvshow.nfo is relatively easy to do by hand (when needed) Its alot more work to do episode info by hand.
Then where is XBMC meant to get the info from then?
i have tvshow.nfo files for each series (most by a scraper, some done by hand) , i do not have episode info availible for each file unfortunately due to the way anime files are named. I thought if i could find a skin that could read and display the series info inside file view i would avoid Alot of time behind the keyboard and still get some of the librarys benifits.

If you can suggest a tool for manually editing episode nfo files on mass that would be great : )
Ok, if the series is scraped into library and you use file mode the video info screen will show, but in the views it ain't possible to show the info cause it's file mode.
Thankyou : )