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Full Version: Problem with image spoofing
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I began writing my own scraper and it works fine so far when using an .nfo file.
I get all the informations from the page I need, the only problem is, that i cant get the images from the page.

So I tried spoofing but it didn't work.
Now im not sure if my syntax isn't correct or if my spoof url is wrong (i tried to log it with wireshark).

The XBMC page says:

<thumb><url spoof="http://http://www.culturalianet.com">http://www.culturalianet.com/imatges/articulos/\1-1.jpg</url></thumb>

(the double http:// is a mistake?)

and other scrapers use:

<thumb spoof="http://www.adultcdmovies.net">http://www.adultcdmovies.net/images/Product/large/\1.jpg</thumb>

Which one is correct or do both work?

And has somebody a good suggestion to find the spoof url or how i can test, if have got the correct one?

One final question, are scrapers loaded on the fly or at boot time, so do i have to restart xbmc so changes take effect?
follow the real life examples Smile

usually just spoofing the the root server url is enough, i.e. http://www.some.com for images grabbed from http://www.some.com/<something&gt;. if you get a thumb downloaded the spoof url is correct Wink

scrapers are loaded on the fly when you use them.

easiest way of testing is using something like curl --referer or wget --referer
Thanks for answering all my questions so quickly!

I got the image issue solved.

Thanks to the xbmc.log i found out that my regex produced .jpg.jpg

Now I'll get started with the Search.