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Full Version: [LINUX] Normalize the audio
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I know its been asked before and i've tried searching but has anyone found a way to normalize audio? Or normalize the avi,mkv,mp4 file after encoding?

Its really getting to me, i live in a unit so its hard to hear people talking and then explosions etc are too loud.

Running ubuntu 8.10, ALC1200 iec958, encoding done on mac os x using handbrake.

Are there xbmc movie player alternatives that normalize sound? I would rather not go down that path because the xbmc player is awesome!

Any help would be great.
It won't be added until the masteraudio branch is complete, which at the moment is still a ways off.

It sounds as if you're playing via a receiver, and thus I presume you're passing through AC3 or DTS so XBMC wouldn't touch it anyway. Most receivers have some sort of a "night mode" that you can use.

Hi, i'll have to keep an eye on the master audio branch.

So ac3 is straight pass through?

Yeah i'm running via optical out to a Phillips receiver.

Some sound better than others, i'm guessing movies with mp3 audio sound better because its not ac3?