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Full Version: .srt subtitle issue
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Xbmc let me choose srt subs correctly but they never be played.
Only work some sub embedded in .mkv movies.
Tested also with vdpau off.

Tested on:
htpc (nv8300igp + Phenom II 710 + 2GB ram + wd640GB) 9.04.2+svn22290-jaunty1 + ubuntu 9.04
my laptop (nv9800gs + Duo T9400 + 4GBram + 2*320GB) 9.04.2+svn22290-jaunty1 + ubuntu 9.04
my desktop (nv 8800gts + duo E6600 + 2GB ram + 400GB +1000GB) 22451 + xp sp3

Debug log
Tested sub

Could be a user right issue?

sry for my bad english.

Anyone know if it is a know problem?