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Full Version: xbmc on ubuntu is not seeing upnp device
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I'm running xbmc on ubuntu. All of my media is on my NAS (freenas). Freenas is setup as a upnp device. My vista and xp computers can see and browse the nas this way. However, when I try to add a upnp device as a source in xbmc, xbmc does not detect any devices.

Do I need to do anything in ubuntu first before xbmc will add the upnp source? As an aside, in settings I activated the xbmc upnp renderer and this shows up on my vista machine.

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Wow, that is really embarrassing. I must have had major brain farts, I'm sorry about that.

Ubuntu 8.10, fresh update Aug 29 2009
XBMC 9.04.1 r20654, installed via PPA
debug log: http://pastebin.ca/1546362

I'm not convinced that my upnp is an xbmc problem, it seems to be more of a ubuntu issue. I'm not sure though. I thought other xbmc/ubuntu users will have tried to receive media via a NAS or upnp server, and maybe there's some step that I'm missing.