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Full Version: Navigating through cast
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I am experiencing problems in navigating thru cast in the movie library. When displaying the information page of a movie, and then pressing the "cast" button, the cast list appears in the bottom left. But it is not possible to browse thru the cast list. I have tried with all arrow keys, in vain. When trying to reach the cast list with the down arrow, the first entry in the list turns blue. But, if you press the down arrow again, the cursor goes back to the upper menu, highlighting "refresh". I have tried this with the keyboard and a MCE remote.

It is possible, although, to select an actor with the help of the mouse. Then, pressing "enter", the list of movies in which the actor has worked appears. You can select a movie of this list, and the correspondent info page is displayed. BUT: it's not possible to start playback of this movie, or select it as your active movie to browse thru it (cast, refresh, thumb, fanart). You have to return to your starting point.

Is there a solution for this awkward behavior? I have read some posts mentioning problems navigating thru the cast list, but no answer...

Btw, I'm using XBMC pre-9.10 r22252 and MiniMeedia v0.95 SVN - r566.

Did I mentioned that I find MiniMeedia awesome?!

open DialogVideoInfo.xml

go to line 25, where you will see this:

<control type="grouplist" id="1">

change <ondown>48</ondown> to

you can now scroll the cast members list