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Full Version: Sound Delay if not "Original" size of video
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My problem is that in some videos I get video delay if it is in other preset that Original. If I try to make Zoom, I get delay too.

My Hardware specifications are:

- AMD Athlon 900MHz
- 320MBs of RAM
- 20GBs HD
- Nvidia Geforce FX 5200 - 128MB
- Ubuntu 9.04 Alternate

When I play a video in Full Screen, my cpu is under 30%
I was thinking.. maybe the problem is my usb 1.0(my files are in a USB HD) (I will try with a PCI usb 2.0 that I have somewhere), but, if I watch stream videos on Youtube for example, same problem. Is like slow camera

Any ideas? And sorry for the writting Wink
Please see the sticky regarding posting problems in a useful manner.
Sorry, nevermind. When I put the pc on the TV with the USB 2.0 all worked fine.