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Full Version: [LIVE] "Install to Disk" option trying to format entire hard disk, not partition
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Hello all, came across a pretty ridiculous problem

When I boot the XBMC Live CD, I want to install XBMC onto a partition on my hard disk so I don't have to use the CD every time. Simple enough, right..

But when I choose the "Install to Disk (USB or HD)" option on the GRUB menu, the bloody script is only seeing entire hard disks, but wont see or allow creation of any partitions. I can only choose /dev/sda and /dev/sdb which are obviously both very large disks containing data already. I already have a 20gb partition there from a Mythbuntu installation I was running before, on /dev/sdb.

This is a major issue I'd say because theres no way I want to format my entire 1tb HDD's just for use with XBMC Live.. Why won't it see the 20gb partition I've allocated for it instead?

If anyone can lend a hand it would be greatly appreciated

Thanks in advance!Nod



See, no partitions Sad Only hard disks.. and if I choose one of them, it asks me to make sure I want to format the entire disk (so i cancel of course)
I've not played with the live for some time but from what I can remember, The live CD does not have the option to install to a single partiton. May I suggest you look toward the ..

XBMCbuntu path for a more custom install. Its requires more effort and understanding so read up carefully.

Or read up / search on how you can install to removable media(usb) and boot from that.
If you intend to try the USB path, may I suggest you temporarily disconnect your HARD drives so you dont accidently format/install xbmc over them.

Edit: Thinking about it, If you havent removed/deleted you mythbuntu installation. There is nothing stopping you from installing xbmc to your current setup. Just add some PPA sources and install xbmc.

PPA Thread: http://forum.xbmc.org/showthread.php?tid=33327

in a terminal
sudo apt-get install xbmc