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Full Version: [LINUX] Playing video mutes master audio
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I´m running XBMC 9.04.1 over Mythbuntu 9.04 on an AMD 64. I got the PC preconfigured, but I guess that XBMC was installed from the repositories (PPA).

The problem I´ve noticed is that when I play any video in XBMC, it mutes the Master audio control. I have the output audio set as "hdmi" so that the sound goes to the TV. While I´m playing anything in XBMC, there is not problem on hearing it on the TV, but when I shutdown XBMC I realize that the Master audio is muted and I have to unmute it manually if I want to hear anything on other outputs (such as SPDIF, for example).

I have two sample debugs:

It just shows the start and shutdown of XBMC not playing any video. Before and after of it the Master audio was unmuted.

I start XBMC, play a video (about 18:49 hour) and close XBMC. Afterwards, I check alsamixer and see that the Master control is muted.

As long as I listen to the videos on the TV there is not problem; but if I want to change the audio output to anything else (like "iec958") I have to previously unmute the Master control on alsamixer.

I would appreciate any help.

I hope I have posted enough information, but I can post anything else that may help.

Thank you very much.
I have the same issue. It is a huge problem as i use mpd to play music collection over the living room hifi through spdif optical.

The master channel gets muted when I play a movie or listen to my music collection inside XBMC.
But only the first time.

If I unmute the master channel while xbmc is running, the master channel doesn´t get muted when i watch a movie or listen to my music collection the second time.