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Full Version: XBMC UPnP MediaServer to Sony Bravia (TV) DLNA client?
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Hello Guys,

I am new from today on this forum.

I am owning a Sony TV - Bravia KDL-46W5710 (W5500 series) and I'm trying to put together XBMC and the DLNA client of my Bravia.

My problem is this.
I've activated UPnP client, Renderer and Server in XBMC and also created music, photo and video shares where are mp3, jpg and m2ts, mts, mpg 1 & 2 and avi files. Opening these locally using XBMC works fine on my Linux PC.
BUT... Sony's TV doesn't show XBMC neither in Photo, nor in Music nor in Video sections when browsing the "Home" menu.

When going to "Network settings" in TV and choosing "Server diagnostic", the XBMC is found from network, but TV says that it cannot be connected successfully.
When opening found media server, TV will give XBMC's information like IP, UDN, MAC and TCP port.
It ALSO gives this error message "Compatible files could not be found".

I have installed fews weeks ago latest XBMC version (precision: version 9.04.1-jaunty1) on one of my PC (the weakest one -notebook- which is 5 years old) under Linux Ubuntu 9.04 (with dual boot Linux / Windows XP SP3).

Under Linux, XBMC is working fine for both local and LAN media files (WD MyBookWorld NAS with Twonky Media Server). XBMC is really a great S/W.

My LAN setup (compact) is as follows:
PC / LINUX / UBUNTU 9.04 / XBMC / FREEBOX (French ISP tripleplay box) with 100 MB router / LAN CAT 5E CABLE / BRAVIA DLNA Client.

So I am stuck...
And even Googling the web, reading and reading XBMC forum, XBMC Wiki, etc... I cannot find the WHY of my issue and thus the solution!

I have tested under both my Linux Ubuntu 9.04 & WXP PC and with the same configuration an other DLNA (just) server; i.e. the latest beta version of PS3 Media Server (even if I am not owning a PS3 but an XBOX 1st G), and this server was working right after installation.
It was immediatly recognized by my Bravia for all A/V files (music, photo and video). My Bravia can directly stream from PS3MS (without any transcoding) MPEG-2, AVCHD (lite and full) and HDV, and with transcoding (renderer) to MPEG-2 a lot of other video well known formats.
There are still a lot of issues with this S/W, but at least I got something working.

Now, I would like really to have both in a given S/W; i.e. a DLNA Client awa a DLNA Server and XBMC is supposed to achieve both.

So, HELP and suggestions would be greatly appreciated for trying to fix the problem I am (we are) currently facing to with XBMC.

Many thanks in advance to the helpers.
I have forgoten to mention that the "DLNA Client" of my Sony Bravia KDL-46W5710E (Europe) is the same, in at least, the following Bravia series:
- KDL-32E55xx - KDL-40E55xx,
- KDL-32V55/56xx - KDL-37V55/56xx - KDL-40V55/56xx - KDL-46V55/56xx - KDL-52V55/56xx,
- KDL-32W55/57xx - KDL-37W55/57xx - KDL-40W55/57xx – KDL-46W55/57xx, and
- KDL-40WE5xx - KDL-46WE5xx.

So "THE" solution for me could also interest a lot of other folks.
Hello Guys,

This is an update of my above posts.

I do reconfirm XBMC 9.04 used as an "UPnP/DLNA Server" on Ubuntu 9.04 is not working with the DLNA Client of my Bravia KDL-46W5710E (W5500 series & associated), but it's working very well with the local media files on my PC...

I have made additional basic tests with XBMC used as and "UPnP client", and...
It was able to detect and immediatly work pretty well for all kind of media files with the following UPnP/DLNA Servers:
- Twonky Media Server v.4.4.9w running on Western Digital NAS - 1 TB MyBook World Edition WhiteLight connected thru my FreeBox to my LAN.
- Twonky Media Server v.5.0.68 (Trial version) running on one of my Windows XP SP3 PC connected thru a switch to my LAN.
- PS3 Media Server Beta v.1.11.356 running on the same Linux PC than XBMC.
- In the 3 cases, all media files were access thru "Add a Source - Select your Media Path - UPnP Devices...".

SO, my setups seem okay, and definitively the DLNA Client of my Bravia seems to be DLNA not (100%) compliant! (but in the meantime it's working well with the latest beta version of PS3 MS!)

Any one having a clever idea on how I can fix this issue to have XBMC Server working with the DLNA Clients of Sony Bravia W5500 series ?

Thanks and Cheers.
Hello to the Developpers,

XBMC as a DLNA/UPnP Server can or cannot work with the DLNA Client of Sony Bravia W5500 series and similar?

Is there a special parameter to setup within XBMC?

It seems only YOU can answer to this question!

Thank you. Cheers.
I don't think any of us own a sony bravia. Donations welcome.
Sadly I don't have a Sony-compatible power outlet, my wall-bracket doesn't have Sony authorized wall-bracket-protection-compatibility version 3.1, and I haven't yet gotten the required Sony approved contact lenses for full res Sony-definition viewing. So i guess you can count me out for donations.


Edit: Nothing against you or your request, I just can't stand the way Sony does business.
theuni Wrote:Nothing against your or your request, I just can't stand the way Sony does business.

Especially not when the president of Sony BMG, Thomas Hesse, basically categorizes all its customers as ignorant or idiots by declaring “Most people, I think, don’t even know what a rootkit is, so why should they care about it?”


They have totally lost me as a customer after that statement.
Hello XBMC Team,

I have red your answers (Althekiller and Theun) and I can understand your position. I am sure people owning latest 2009 Bravias will be pleased having XBMC working with their DLNA client.

I am sharing your thoughts. I had writen few days ago on the AVForums the following regarding Sony, with an extract of it:
" " " " "
Here after is an update of one of my previous comment on AVForums:
"PS: Still today, SONY has nothing to propose; i.e. at least one DLNA server fully qualified by SONY running under Windows XP / Vista (and/or Linux) which is 100% compatible with the DLNA client of its Bravia W5500 series!!!"

Now, the situation has changed as Sony has updated during the last days its European support web page for Bravia W5500 series (also true for at lot of other Bravia series):

Q: Is Sony providing a DLNA software (server) or recommending a specific one?
- Recommended models are VAIO computers equipped with VaioMedia Ver 5.0 or later, and Vaio computers equipped with VaioMediaPlus.
My A: => Once again and again, Sony who is promoting since years this DLNA standard, which is an open and well defined standard, and who is also a Member Companie of DLNA.ORG awa a Promoter Member of DLNA.ORG, is acting towards its Bravia's owners without any consideration at all... "You bastards have bought my Bravia TVs, I make money with it and you are just idiots!"
" " " " "

Sony is acting towards its clients +/- the same way than any other very big companies. For me, I also include Microsoft inside this list. Don't get me wrong, it is what I am thinking. This why I have started to move towards Linux and especially Ubuntu.

Now => The issue is when you have a TV from a given brand, even Sony, and you have a given DLNA client on it you are trying to find a working DLNA server for it (see above my previous posts).

So, on my side I can try to contribute to XBMC by two ways:
- Personal contribution for testing the DLNA Client of my Bravia. But for that I need to have access to a S/W tool for getting out from my TV what could be needed to be integrated inside XBMC.
- I am ready to make a Donation to XBMC as long as I can really use XBMC as a DLNA server for the DLNA client of my Bravia.

What are you thinking about it?

Thanks and Cheers.
Windows Media Player 11 has a DLNA server built in. Click Library -> Media Sharing. Does that work on the Sony TV ?

The following thread has more info on making it work with MiniDLNA:
http://ubuntuforums.org/showthread.php?t=1185619 ..

Can you test and see if it works ... If it does, then you can compare the source for both xbmc and miniDLNA and add the missing piece ...

Thanks for your answer, BUT...

I already tested in depth WMP11 / WXP and WMP11 / WVista: Photo & Music files are working okay, but Video files are not working at all!
So, WMP11 is not a solution for me and the Bravia's.

People on other forums have reported that WMP12 / W7 is working +/- well with the DLNA Client of the Bravia 5500 series, but W7 is still in Beta version and I am not willing to feed Microsoft when it is not absolutely necessary.

MiniDLNA is developped by a folks from Netgear, targeting firstly the Netgear ReadyNAS products, and secondly other platforms.
Accordingly to your link, MiniDLNA is not working with the Sony Bravia W5500 series! SO?

Have you read the entire thread .. I see people posting that they have got it to work ..

Quote:Thanks for the advice above - with it I've got minidlna working pretty well, especially now I know where the tmp files are stored. I want to thank everyone who contributed to this thread - I've never compiled software from source before, but following all instructions here and documentation that came with minidlna I'm up and running.
Hello CrashX,

WELL... I read thru miniDLNA again and again. Purhaps it could work but we are back, not to the future, but to the stone age! Everything is command line and I avoid it when possible. I will make some tests later on with it just for my own experience. BUT...

If you compare miniDLNA (server) versus PS3 Media Server (server):
- miniDLNA is just an apetizer and it's a very borring S/W (based on what I have red so far) without any GUI!
- PS3MS is the main course and it is already well working with the Bravia W5500 series and with a very easy installation even under Linux. In add this S/W has a nice GUI and a very strong developpers communitee awa users / forums (not the case for miniDLNA).
So, best is to stay with PS3MS!

Now back at the beginning of my thread which was (extract):
"Now, I would like really to have both in a given S/W; i.e. a DLNA Client awa a DLNA Server and XBMC is supposed to achieve both."

XBMC is a very complete and nice S/W (server + client/player) including an even better GUI than PS3MS. This is why I would like to have XBMC server working with my Bravia W5500 series. Its DLNA client/player are already working.

Today for me it is missing at least 2 things with XBMC: Video transcoding and Bravia W5500 compatibility.
If end of the end, this is not doable (at least for Bravia W5500 series), I will stay with PS3MS (senior S/W) and not with miniDLNA (very junior S/W and with no GUI & transcoding)!

Using LINUX doesn't mean going back to the DOS/BASIC age (not totaly)!

Getting dlna to work with with bravia will probably require somebody with a bravia to debug xbmc and and some trial and error.

We don't have any of the official DLNA testing tools to verify our server. Thus we rely on "hack" ontop of upnp to try to behave as a dlna compatible device.

I don't really see the point in using it against xbmc thou, better to actually connect xbmc to a hdmi input on the tv.

Still a debug log wouldn't hurt when you are trying to access xbmc from the tv..

Ps. Stop with the bolding of text. it's quite hard to read Ps.
Tested XBMC DLNA Server with PS3 and it detected the server fine. However it was having problems finding files in sub folders. It lists alot of video files as unsupported media type. I tested music and it was the same issue with not finding files on sub folders. Anyways it played music fine.

Did you test music and pictures ?
Hello Elupus,

Thanks for your above answer, but... (!without bold!)

I was proposing to be "this somebody with a bravia to debug xbmc and do some trial and error".
I understood my proposition for helping has no value. So, I am forgetting XBMC for what I was trying to achieve.

For me, the real interest of DLNA (UPnP) devices is to have the Server(s) somewhere in your house connected directly (with no add or intermediate box) thru LAN to the Client(s) somewhere else. So, having XBMC in a box near to the Client connected by HDMI has NOT INTEREST at all. It is one possibility but has nothing to do with the potential flexibity of DLNA.
You could tell me: "Joe, put XBMC Server on a PC, connected to XBOX 360 thru LAN, and the XBox to your TV by HDMI", but this is not what I want to realize.

So, this thread is closed for me.
All the best successes to XBMC.
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