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Full Version: [LIVE] MCE Remote not working
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Glad it helped someone else. I was ready to pull my hair out.
OMG THANK YOU THANK YOU papaf and RockDawg. Its 12:45 AM on a friday night and Ive been trying non stop for the last 4.5 hours on the verge of screaming.

In my case, I had turned "on" the Ambient Sensor on my TV coupla days back and noticed it only today. I realized when the red light vanished when I switched off the TV and back on when I turned the TV on. Playing with the settings, turning Ambient Sensor off, immediately switched off the red light for IR on the HTPC.

I registered an account just to post this message as I dont even use xmbc but only Win 7 MC. Now I can rest in peace .. lol
(2009-09-11, 12:53)Swifty Wrote: [ -> ]Ok try running this;

sudo dpkg-reconfigure lirc

Thanks... coming from ubuntu 8.04 having my old mce receiver as default, now using 12.04 and everything screwed up.

probable saved more than an hour of my live... Lirc debugging... not so much fun Wink
Thanks! I have a somewhat older Samsung TV. Didn't find any settings for auto brightness or something like that. But fiddling around with the brightness and some other display settings the IR Receiver stopped constantly receiving IR signal!
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