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I just wanted to thank you Ronie, and anyone that helps(ed) you with this skin for making it. No complaints or requests in this post just gratitude. XBMC is awesome, and IMO your skin makes it even more awesome.

Thank You!
+1 great skin
well, thanx for the thanx! :-)
enjoy the skin and if you've ever get some ideas/complaints/requests, just let me know
NodYes +1 on such a great skinBig Grin I'm new to this board but not to xbmc. Have been using it on my xbox for a few years now, I mainly used the MC360 skin until now. I've been wanting to have fanart backdrops for games in my skin but never knew how to go about it and your skin takes care of it. I just started using it last night on my xbox and my initial impression is great.

Thanks for the great skin!