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Full Version: Disable Fanart
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I know this is a "Fanart Skin", but is there any way to completely disable fanart. I looked in the settings but didn't see anything.
Thanks for all your hard work!!
nope there's no way (of course).
there's a 'safe mode' option in skin settings that will disable all of the 'hacky ways' i use to display fanart in places where it's not natively supported by xbmc, but that's just about it.

i'm wondering...why would you want to disable it?
yes run PM3.HD but as above "BUT WHY?" Big Grin

I would be lost without Transparency now!
I don't really NEED to disable it. I like the skin, but prefer to use a static background at times. I may try using safe mode and manually removing the fanart from the xbmc folder, but we will see. I am still fiddling with my setup.
Thanks for all your work.
Sounds more that you are searching for a skin like Dirtchamber
Don't know if it is possible to choose background.
Unfortunately the project looks currently on hold.