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Full Version: is showing ratings and type of format a script related?
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First of all thanks for this wonderful dash.
oh i just found out about Media Flagging. is that mean i have to grab different version? ughh.. i just went through the hole collection putting up fanarts and all.... anyone know how i can replace the xbmc with flagging without losing all of my fanart?
o/k also want to mention that I am using the low-res verion of Transpant! so if I want to use media flagging i would have to use high-res version that supports flagging right?...
You mentioned dash, are you running this on xbox per chance? I believe unless you are running a patched version, the xbox version doesn't support media tags. Either way you also need to be using a newer SVN than the latest stable. Provide what specific build you are running.
hey, thanks for the reply.
yes I am using xbox.
i am using ver.22867 with low res version of Transparent.(i have 4:3 tv)

so from what your saying, I cant do tagging at all for xbox xbmc. i see.
thank you very much for the answer.