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Full Version: Transparency for XBOX question.
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o.k I'm sorry but I been away from XBMC scene for awhile so I dont know what works for XBOX and what only works for other format/OS(linux,windows etc).

o.k I recently chosen this awesome Transparency as my new dash on my xbmc.
I got everything working pretty smooth but found out that certain things dont work in xbox such as media tagging. also know that the trailer preview dont work with xbox either.
so my question is, does CDart mod works with xbox? how do I make it work.
and what other things work and doesnt for the xbox. im sorry if this belongs to different thred. thank you.
yep, cdart works on the xbox. check the faq on how to enable it.
as far as i know pretty much everything works on the xbox...even media flagging if you use the patched build or if you use the old skin based flagging method.
about the trailers, they will run fullscreen instead of in a preview window.
I'm using transperancy! On Xbox and it does everything you inquired about. I'm also using the full version of the skin on a nightly patched version of xbmc
I've never personally been able to get the trailers working via the button, but after a small attempt with 2.0 I gave up and I'll get back to it later.
I can not get the cd art work. where am i suppose to drop the cd.png and fanart to work. some one please help. i am pulling my hairs out with this one. again I'm using Transparency. thanks guys
o.k thank you. I feel dumb. i will try it out when I get home.
o.k now obviously it was written for windows based. it says
Quote:"if the cd disappears after a few seconds, just hit the ‘i’ button on keyboard/remote and it will reappear. from now on it will be always visible."
I also want this to stay on. what is the equivalent to "i" on the xbox controller. thanks again!
It's either the white or black button, don't remember which.
thank you once again. all runs well and cdart shows now. trailers work fine also.
I guess this is a playlist purpose? how do I check mark this Image
musa337 Wrote:I guess this is a playlist purpose? how do I check mark this

nope, those are watched/unwatched checkmarks.
hi ronie
im curious i cannot find programs setting on setting menuHuh
im using it on xbox
there are no programs settings on the settings menu.
what settings are you looking for?
oops i found it, i have to highlight a game/app n press white button, chose setting.
i think part of me still miss xtv :p
I added TV section on my menu and tried to add the TV show folder as a source but it also shows my movie folder as well. if I remove the 'MOVIE' folder from 'TV show' section then it also removes from my 'Movies' section. how can I just show my TV folder in 'TV shows' section and just show Movies in my 'Movies' section.
did you scan both your tv shows and your movies source to the library?
it looks like you're using filemode instead of library mode.
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