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Full Version: [REQUEST] SkinEngine Animation controls
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I have just been thinking about improvments to animation
controls in the skinning engine. And i bellive these new features can
have a huge impact on bringing skins into real life.

This is:
Looping !

Causes the animation to start over again when finished. Default if not defined
is offcourse that it stops. will loop endlessly
Causes the the animation to be reverted and then start over again.
will loop endelessly.

And to further add more tweaking you could have som more options to the loop function:

Will repeat the loop 10 times and stop.

This one defines how long a animation will loop in seconds.

Deefines how long it will wait i seconds before starting the reverse animation.

Adding something like this would give skinners som really cool tools to create spinning object, loaders, and other animation functions.

I have no idea if this is possible ore how much work it will involve.
Looping is already available, as is pulsing back and forth. It's probably in the skinning manual. IIRC there's no delay at the end.
Hmm the pulse only applys to fading effects right ? so its not the same.
and i have not seen a generic loop function documented on the wiki.

What i am thinking about is that the loop function can be applied to all animation types...
You're talking about <pulseonselect> or whatever it is, which has nothing to do with this.

The animation system supports pulsing:


A loop without pulse doesn't sound very useful to me.

I think a cool animation type would be particle effects. Something subtle though, not like all of the effects in this video. Leaves falling, etc or floating bubble type effects diffused in the background could look very nice.

jmarshall Wrote:A loop without pulse doesn't sound very useful to me.

Loop without pulse can be usefull if you want to do something like a rotatez for the full 360 degrees Big Grin
EqUiNoX is on to what im also thinkin.

With real loop controls you can create a spinning png full 360 degrees continues. Or you can make it reverse at 180 degrees, stop for 10 seconds and go back again. One could also create animated png that go from X0 to X400 and back again and so forth.
Therfore also a pingpong loop type.

I dont bellive these animation types is possible with current tools ?

JM about the pulse effect. i havent been able to use that to say if i want a image to go from X 10 to X 150 and then back again
and keep that repeating. The only thing i get to work with pulse is to fade in/out labels which is not the same as a global pingpong loop for all controls.
@EqUiNoX: What happens if you rotate (sum_large_number)*360 over a time period of (single_rev_time) * (sum_large_number) ?

@The-Boxhead: Please read the animation page I linked - it even has an example of the syntax. It should be agnostic to the animation type.

jmarshall Wrote:@EqUiNoX: What happens if you rotate (sum_large_number)*360 over a time period of (single_rev_time) * (sum_large_number)?

I see what your getting at will create a anim and get back to you...