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Full Version: Music: Album CoverFlow display bug
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I haven't found any ongoing discussion on this topic, I've noticed that while browsing music albums in coverflow mode the top part of the CD cover is duplicated (check image, notice Will Smith's forefront), it happens for the album that is currently selected, as you see the other covers are OK until they move to the "selected" spot.


This does not happen with DVDs in coverflow or with the same albums in icon view (even when you mouse over them they pop up fine) so it appears to be something only related to coverflow in music.

(Setup: latest T!, latest SVN XBMC for Windows, full screen [email protected] with Nvidia 8800 GTS)

PS: Any way to turn off the "All Albums" folder only for the Compilations
thanx! good one!!
will be fixed in next release of course. :-)