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Full Version: projectM presets not showing up
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shortjosh Wrote:This hasn't completely worked for me on Ubuntu Lucid 32bit, with an xbmc svn checkout from earlier today. Creating the visualization.projectm folder has stopped the crash, but I'm still not seeing any additional presets, despite putting them in the same presets folder as you, updating the path in projectm.conf and chmod 555'ing the projectm.conf file.

I also noticed that default bouncy headphones preset no longer scales when I resize or maximize the window, it sits in the bottom left of the window surrounded by black space. I've set the size in projectm.conf to my desktop size so it works in fullscreen mode, but it would be nice if it scaled when I was running it windowed.

Just getting back into xbmc after using it years ago on a modded xbox. Would be ace to see ProjectM working again. Keep up the good work everyone!

it is still not listing presets under i386... it worked for Lepy because he is on amd64... if you search you could find an old thread in which i posted a patch for making it work under i386, but i really don't know if it still works, what i'm sure is that that patch has not made its way into the main tree, as it was a quick and rude patch Smile
@succo -- I think the patch you refer to relates to changing the projectM PresetLoader.cpp and replacing readdir with readdir64 and dirent with dirent64. Two lines only need changing before recompiling. I have these changes in place, but have not yet tried unzipping the presets, pointing projectm.conf at the directory conaining the .milk files and then securing projectm.conf.. I'll do this tonight and update this thread with the results....
whooopeee !!! projectm has been resurrected on my system... thanks Lepy, Succo.... a combination of patching PresetLoader.cpp, unzipping the presets and fixing projectm.conf have done the job for the time being...

Cant wait until the official projectm addon work is completed !!
So I'm now running Ubuntu amd64, and I have presets again! But only the default presets that come with XBMC, despite replacing /usr/share/xbmc/visualizations/projectM/ with my own folder of presets? Any ideas?
Alright guys, I am on the svn boat again as well and got ProjectM working again by adding the above mentioned folder in .xbmc/userdate/addon_data
I am absolutely fine with the tons of default presets, but I got one problem, after a restart my previously selected preset wasn't saved somehow. It seems kinda random which preset is selected, though I am not sure.
Anybody can help me with that. All I want is to keep the one preset I selected also after xbmc restarts ....


Currently, I think the settings get reset on restart. I don't think it remembers your previously selected preset. I am not sure it ever did either.

File a trac bug or feature.
Hmm now that you say it, I am not sure either if it remembered the preset before ... but well how is it handled right now? Chosing a random preset or is there a default when that is supposed to be chosen by xbmc?

It used to depend on the shuffle property (which was saved). I don't think setting changes are persisted currently.

But, Shuffle is enabled by default, so it should be random on restart.

g_configPM.shuffleEnabled = true;
Realise this is an old thread, but this is still a problem..

Here's a workaround I've found, to enable the settings to stay static.
The problem is xbmc is overwriting the projectm.conf file each time projectM starts.
The solution is to change the permissions on the file so that xbmc doesn't overwrite it.

This is a hacky fix, so pls back up before trying any of this if you are unsure what you're doing!

chmod 555 ~/.xbmc/userdata/addon_data/visualization.projectm/projectm.conf

You can take this one step further and restrict the presets you see by copying the projectM addon. Here are the instructions for that on ubuntu.
Once these steps are completed, you can update the visualizations by removing ones you don't like from ~/.xbmc/userdata/addon_data/visualization.projectm.new, or adding new ones you do like.

In visualizations, you'll see a new one to choose, called projectM.new, with your restricted, static settings. To update this you'll always need to edit the config files, unfortunately..

Copy the addon in the home addon dir
cd ~/.xbmc/userdata/addon_data
cp -r visualization.projectm visualization.projectm.new

Copy the addon in the xbmc addon dir
cd /usr/share/xbmc/addons/
sudo cp -r visualization.projectm visualization.projectm.new

update 3 lines in addon.xml
cd /usr/share/xbmc/addons/visualization.projectm.new
sudo vim addon.xml
<userdir path="special://profile/addon_data/visualization.projectm.new"/>

Copy the projectM executable
sudo cp -r /usr/lib/xbmc/addons/visualization.projectm /usr/lib/xbmc/addons/visualization.projectm.new

Copy the presets to your new location
cp /usr/share/xbmc/addons/visualization.projectm.new/resources/presets.zip ~/.xbmc/userdata/addon_data/visualization.projectm.new

Change the preset path to match the new location in projectm.conf:
cd ~/.xbmc/userdata/addon_data/visualization.projectm.new
vim projectm.conf
Preset Path = zip://special%3A%2F%2Fhome%2Fuserdata%2Faddon%5Fdata%2Fvisualization%2Eprojectm%2Enew%2Fpresets%2Ezip

Chmod the file so xbmc doesn't overwrite it
chmod 555 projectm.conf
Thanks for the suggestion Scott, but no luck here.

I've spent a ton of time trying to get this to work but I just can't do what I want - get ProjectM to use my selected set of about 75 presets. No matter what I do it just keeps loading the original set of 500 or so presets.

There seems to be literally zero documentation for this addon, but I'm starting to suspect that in it's current implementation we're not supposed to be able to add/remove presets.

I followed your instructions step by step, the only problem I had is that I don't have a projectm.conf file - instead I have a settings.xml in projectm's add-on_data folder. I'm running Eden beta 2, so I'm guessing it's related to that…
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