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Full Version: [Question] Container Sort Method
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I'm having a bit of trouble finding any documentation on container sort methods. I've figured out Container.NextSortMethod, Container.PreviousSortMethod, and Container.SortDirection. But i can't figure out how to pull out a related info label so I can simply write something like a button who's label changes to reflect the currently chosen sorting method.

<control type="button">
    <description>Sort Order</description>
Container.SortMethod and Container.SortDirection

If in doubt, see GUIInfoManager.cpp

Thanks jmarshall!
Just for clarification - I took a look at GUIInfoManager.cpp and I couldn't find anything to return the current sorting direction to an info label. Did I miss it or does it not exist?

So I figured out that using a togglebutton with an label and altlabel performs the function of what I need quite well. Thanks for the help again.