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Full Version: Smart PlayListY
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Yesterday I used for the first time the "Smart Playlist" feature.

I noticed that the playlist creation popup window use - in Spanish - the word "canciones" (meaning "songs") even though I was in the Video Library trying to setup a movie playlist.

So maybe this window is common for all playlists but then a "neutral" word should be used because it's rather counterintuitive trying to set up a playlist for Indiana Jones while XBMC continually asks you about the "songs" you want to play. Rolleyes
not skin related, it's an issue in xbmc's language file (<string id="21422">).
moving to: Translations and Language Files
Actually there are more items, this is only one of the instances where "songs" appear in the popup window for Smart PlayList.

From my limited testing it appears that this windows is indeed shared for music/video playlist so I cannot just change it to "movies" Rolleyes

I'd suggest that this should be renamed to a neutral name such as "items" or if it's possible for the window to "know" where it is being called from (Music Library or Video Library) alternatively display "songs" and "videos".
In English it's "items". See strings.xml in the Spanish folder and fix accordingly, posting a fix on trac.

Well it is easy to fix thing when you are pointed and where and how to do it. Big Grin

I realized now that I have submitted patches for the only 2 files in the lang directory.
Thanks for the patches - most appreciated Smile