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Full Version: Love Transparency but...
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I had a somewhat working SVN going last night, the only problem was out of sync digital sound. I tried to tinker and fix the problem today, but it's now gotten worse because every time I try to play a file XBMC crashes. So even though I really love this skin I think I'm gonna wait for a stable build of XBMC. Keep up the good work Ronnie, can't wait to implement this skin on my system.

Transparency! v2.01 will work just fine with the 'stable' 22528 SVN build of XBMC.

of course you can also wait 'till xbmc 9.10 is released.
Thanks Ronnie, but it seems like no matter what SVN I run now, I get this crashing problem. I'll give the one you suggested a shot though. Just tried it out and it still crashes when I go to play the second file.