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Full Version: Incompatible Skin
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I am new at programming my xbox. In the past I had my xbox loaded with XBMC and it has worked great for over 3 years. I have noticed some great looking skins and they are not working for me.
I loaded the skins inside my skin folder of XBMC and I see them on my xbox but when I try to use them an error appears stating "Incompatible Skin. We require skins of version 2.00 or higher". This goes for the other skin i loaded called "Transparency" I am looking for a simple fix and I am wanting to know where I can look to resolve my issue thank you!

I did delete the skins and re-download them to see if it was a bad file, but I ended up with the same results.
Make sure it's under skins/Transparency! and not skins/Transparency!/Transparency!
It does work trust me I use it everyday on my Xbox.
Have you also updated your 3 year old XBMC build?